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Experience a new level of comfort.

Underfloor heating produces a warmth that is more natural and comfortable than heat created by traditional radiators. With underfloor heating there is no intrusion on room space as there is with radiators. Underfloor heating also saves on fuel and maintenance costs.

Humans are at their most comfortable when the majority of the warmth we can feel is radiant, with our feet warmer than our heads. We feel warmer when we are in the sun than we do in shaded areas because the sun warms us directly by radiation. Typically 80% of the heat from underfloor heating is radiant.

Underfloor heating concentrates the heat where we sit and stand making the ideal comfortable condition.

So to avoid walking on those cold tiled floors, have a Neataheat underfloor heating system designed and installed in your home.

Installation, Breakdown & Maintenance

Whatever your central heating requirements, Neataheat can help. We can design and install your system, offer support in the event of a breakdown or provide ongoing maintenance. For more information on the services we offer throughout Chester, Wrexham, Wirral, North Wales & Shropshire please contact us.

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We make sure that our extensive range of products is designed to suit your specific needs and lifestyle. Our role is to take the hassle out of designing and installing the perfect central heating and hot water system to suit you and your family, with the best advice available.

Whether your choice of fuel to heat your home is gas, oil, LPG, one or more of the numerous renewable energies or even a combination we have the expertise to meet all of your demands.

Did you realise that if your boiler is over 10 years old, you could be spending up to £700 a year more than is necessary. By having one of our 'A' rated condensing boilers and money saving controls installed in your home your fuel bills can be minimised. Condensing boilers have been available for many years, but have been compulsory since 2005 for gas and 2007 for oil. Essentially, condensing or high efficiency technology is available in all boilers whether it be a conventional or combination (combi boilers) boiler. The principal is quite simple, if you can imagine the temperature of the flue gases of a standard efficiency boiler can be in excess of 250 degrees C going to atmosphere (ie. wasted heat). On a condensing boiler this 'unused' heat is harnessed by the boiler's heat exchanger, resulting in minimal flue gas temperatures of about 50 degrees C. As the flue gases, which are basically water vapour, have lost most of their heat, they turn into condensation, hence the term condensing boiler. This harmless condense is disposed of into a nearby drain or soakaway.

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