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Neataheat is committed to the safe storage of fuel oil, oil tanks and all associated components. Oil spills due to defective oil tanks, storage or equipment can result in damage claims running into tens of thousands of pounds. There have been numerous incidents of extensive contamination into users own or neighbouring properties. The cost of which is compounded with the involvement of The Environment Agency, who would immediately take over the 'clean up'. They would contain the spill, excavate the contaminated soil, buildings etc and have it incinerated. Then they give YOU the bill.

If your oil tank is leaking we can arrange an EMERGENCY pumped extraction of your oil, please contact us.

Traditionally, oil tanks were constructed of steel. Nowadays, even though steel oil tanks are still available, virtually all tank installations, new and replacement are constructed of a heavy duty plastic.

The advantages of installing a plastic oil tank make installing a steel tank unthinkable.

Steel oil tanks fail mainly due to extensive corrosion, not only from the outside but also internally from condensation. Steel tanks are purposely installed uneven to allow anticipated sludge and debris to fall away from the oil supply outlet.

Plastic oil tanks do not corrode, therefore eliminating the need for expensive removal of sludge and debris, and more importantly, no disastrous oil escapes.

In certain circumstances, you may be required to install a bunded oil tank. This is basically a tank within a tank, with the outer tank being able to hold 110% of the inner volume of oil. This is required if the tank is to be located where it could cause an environmental concern if it's contents were spilled. This includes near drains or controlled water such as streams.

We not only deliver your oil, we deliver peace of mind.

Your Questions Answered

Q. Am I able to replace my own oil tank?

Yes, but if your actions result in contamination to yours or neighbouring property, insurance companies will not pay out unless you can prove that it has been installed by an OFTEC registered company. All our engineers are trained and certified by OFTEC every 5 years for your peace of mind.

Q. Can my tank be relocated?

Yes, a vast amount of existing tanks are illegally sited or not in the customers preferred position. We have access to a range of different tank sizes, so we have a tank for almost all locations.

Q. Does my tank need to be empty?

No, our vehicles are equipped with pump out tanks to contain your contaminated or re-usable oil. Any contaminated oil can be environmentally disposed of.

Q. What happens to my rusty old tank?

Together with any other associated debris, it will be removed, leaving you with a clean, new tank installation.

More Information

The experienced engineers at Neataheat have designed, installed and maintained many oil tanks throughout Chester, Wrexham, Wirral, North Wales & Shropshire. If you need to contact us in an emergency please contact us.

If you would like more information about our services including, boilers (including Worcester boilers, LPG), oil tanks, central heating, underfloor heating please contact us.

Alternatively, if you are based in Chester, Wrexham, Wirral, North Wales or Shropshire and would like us to provide a quotation please contact us.