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Energy Efficient Heating

Reduce your carbon footprint and heat your home the efficient way.

There are now many ways to heat your home that offer a more environmentally friendly and efficient solution, including heat pumps and solar energy.

Ground Source Heat Pumps

Ground source heat pumps utilise the energy that is naturally stored in the earth to heat your premises. At Neataheat we use Worcester Bosch ground source heat pumps which are suitable for a large range of properties and are ideal as the sole source for your homes heating the hot water.

Worcester Bosch's Greenstore ground source heat pumps have had the planning permission significantly eased for them as they are certified by the Microgeneration Certification Scheme.

Air Source Heat Pumps

The Worcester range of air source heat pumps come in two types, air to water and air to air. Both types provide significant cost reductions compared with traditional heating systems. Air source heat pumps convert latent energy in the external air into heat that can be used to heat your home and water all year round.

Air to water heat pumps use the energy available in the external air and runs it through a refrigerant circuit allowing the temperature to be increased to a level that is suitable for hot water or heating. Worcester Bosch's Greensource air to water pumps meet with the Microgeneration Certification Scheme requirements.

Solar Panels

At Neataheat we use the Worcester Bosch's Greenskies solar water heating panels to convert the energy produced by direct and diffused sunlight into hot water and heat for the home.

A good-sized solar heating system can provide up to 60% of your yearly hot water needs. Greenskies solar panels are designed to be used alongside existing heating systems that use a hot water cylinder.

Roof Solar Panels

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For more information about heat pumps or solar energy solutions please contact us.

Neataheat can also provide you with a new boiler (including combi boilers and Worcester boilers), a boiler service, central heating services, underfloor heating and oil tanks.

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